Trout Fishing in America (Dana Louise opens) | Thursday, February 22 | 7:30 PM at the AUUF

It makes no sense to say “Returning to Sundilla for the first time,” but that’s what Trout Fishing in America is doing on Thursday, February 22, along with opener Dana Louise. Showtime at the AUUF is 7:30. Admission at the door will be $15, but a limited number of advance tickets will be available for just $12 at Spicer’s Music, Blooming Colors, and online at Employees of Auburn University and Auburn-Montgomery can pay just $12 at the door. Free coffee, tea, water and food will be available for all, and attendees are invited to bring whatever food or beverage they prefer.

So how does someone “return again for the first time?” Like this: last year, we presented Dana Louise & the Glorious Birds. And two-thirds of The Glorious Birds are Keith Grimwood and Ezra Idlet, who are better known as Trout Fishing in America. And Dana Louise is coming back, too; this time, she is opening the show.

As individuals, Keith and Ezra are about as different as one can imagine. Together, they blend seamlessly in a way that has captured the imagination (and hearts) of audiences of all ages for over four decades. Ezra on guitar and banjo stands 6’8″ tall while Keith on bass stretches to 5’5 1/2″ on a humid day. Ezra is more playful and extroverted while Keith is more serious and reserved. Each of them bring out the best in the other and the joy that comes from this musical interaction is contagious and impossible to deny. Not to mention successful: The duo has earned four Grammy Nominations.

A brief history of Trout Music: Keith began playing music professionally when he was still in his teens. In school, he made the Texas All-State Orchestra four years and later earned a degree in music from the University of Houston. At 22, he landed a position with the Houston Symphony Orchestra. Keith put himself through college playing pop music in local clubs and that led to his fortuitous meeting with Ezra. Ezra attended McClennan College in Waco, Texas on a basketball scholarship. He was a “One-and-Done” player, but not exactly because of his incredible basketball skills. Instead, he decided to leave college and pursue his true love, a lifetime of playing music. In 1976, Idlet and Grimwood met as members of the Houston based eclectic folk/rock band St. Elmo’s Fire. Ezra and Keith became the best of friends and musical partners. When St. Elmo’s dissolved in 1979, Trout Fishing in America (named for Keith’s love of Richard Brautigan’s writing and Ezra’s love of fishing) was officially born.

Trout Fishing in America was in the first wave of artist owned labels (Trout Records) to successfully record and market their own music. In 2008, Performing Songwriter Magazine chose Trout as one of the top 100 most influential independent artists in the past 15 years. Their infectious mix of folk/pop and family music is the result of their diverse backgrounds as well as growing up in the musical melting pot that is Texas. Their recordings have garnered three National Indie Awards, multiple Parents Choice and NAPPA Gold awards, the American Library Award, as well as four Grammy nominations. In 1992, Trout relocated their families to the Ozark Mountains of Northwest Arkansas. Besides being a lovely place to live and raise a family, this central location helped to expand their touring territory to all 50 United States and several Canadian provinces.

The long-standing musical collaboration of Keith Grimwood and Ezra Idlet is an infectious partnership that speaks to young and old alike. Their inclusive blend of music and storytelling, sprinkled with their trademark humor, will charm you as you walk away seeing the world in brighter hues. They don’t call it “Music For People Who Take Their Fun Seriously” for no reason.

Opening the show will be Dana Louise…. And you can count on two-thirds of The Glorious Birds joining her! Dana brings her vibrant, melodic vocals and finger picking to a body of complex songs. Drawing from jazz and bluegrass, carrying a contemporary beat, the sound is roots-rooted flung-into-the-future folk. Dana Louise and the Glorious Birds work to leave their audiences glowing with the magic music can bring: genuine human connection.

Trout Fishing in America with Dana Louise will be at Sundilla on Thursday, February 22; showtime at the AUUF is 7:30. Admission at the door will be $15, but $12 tickets are available at Spicer’s Music, Blooming Colors, and online at, and at the door to employees of Auburn University and Auburn-Montgomery. Free coffee, tea, water and food will be available, and attendees are invited to bring whatever food or beverage they prefer.