The Sundilla Radio Hour | Rebecca Loebe | 2014-01-30

This week on the Sundilla Radio Hour, our guest is Rebecca Loebe who makes her Sundilla Acoustic Concert debut on Friday, February 7th at 7:30 p.m. She’s a terrific musician and a terrific interview!

Take a journey through the best that singer-songwriters and acoustic musicians of all kinds have to offer through music and conversation. The Sundilla Radio Hour airs Thursday night from 7 to 8 p.m. on Troy Public Radio. The most recent four episodes can also be streamed any time from our Live365 station. The producer is Bailey Jones and the host is Kelly Walker. We welcome your comments at

Will Kimbrough “Sideshow Love” Sideshow Love (Daphne 02/2014) 3:53

Los Lobos “When the Circus Comes” Kiko (Slash 1992) 3:16

Rebecca Loebe “The Chicago Kid” Circus Heart (Black Wolf 2012) 3:32

Rebecca Loebe “Swallowed by the Sea” Circus Heart (Black Wolf 2012)

Rebecca Loebe “Any Other Kind of Martyr” Hey, It’s a Lonely World (Rebecca Loebe 2004) 1:52

Andy Ferrell “Waitin’ on the Rain” I Was Born (Andy Ferrell 2013) 3:37

Frank Fairfield “Duncan & Brady” Duncan & Brady (single) (Third Man 2014) 4:20

Pete Seeger “Turn Turn Turn (To Everything There is a Season)” A Link in the Chain (Sony 1996) 3:10

Pete Seeger “This Land is Your Land” Live at the 2009 Presidential Inauguration (2009)