The Sundilla Radio Hour | Dirk Hamilton | 2013-04-04

dirkhamiltonThis week our guest is Dirk Hamilton. Dirk appears at the Sundilla Acoustic Concert Series on Friday, April 5th. His career stretches back to the 70s when he recorded several critically acclaimed major label albums. But, in recent years he’s opted for a more stripped down, intimate approach.

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Dirk Hamilton “Rich Man Blues” More Songs from My Cool Life

Groovelily “Love Song Without Metaphor” Brendan and the Extenuating Circumstances

Brother Sun “Everybody’s Cryin’ Mercy” Some Part of the Truth

Dirk Hamilton “All in All” Meet Me at the Crux

Dirk Hamilton “Follow Your Bliss” Solo Mono

Dirk Hamilton “Where Are All the Rebels” Solo Mono

The Floating Men “Georgia” So Far, So Good

Lynn Miles “Ghost of Deadlock” Live at the Chapel

Lipbone Redding “Why Can’t We Live Together” Unbroken

Kevin So “Love’s in Need of Love Today” LiFe Solo AKouStic