The Sundilla Radio Hour #248

Alice Howe “Homeland Blues” You’ve Been Away So Long (Alice Howe 2017) 4:48

Heather Pierson Acoustic Trio “Singin'” Singin’ (Vessel 2017) 3:44

Tim Grimm “Finding Home” A Stranger in this Time (Vault 2017) 4:20

Emily Barnes “What Are You Waiting For” Let the Light In (Emily Barnes 2017) 3:40

Austin MacRae “The Mill Song” Keeper (Austin MacRae 2017) 4:10

Susan Cattaneo “Work Hard Love Harder” The Hammer and The Heart (Jersey Girl 2017) 3:25

Charlie Mosbrook “Roxanne” Hear Me Callin’ (Charlie Mosbrook 2017) 2:47

Crowes Pasture “The Champ” Edge of America (Crowes Pasture 2017) 3:57

Friction Farm “Calm is Worse than the Storm” So Many Stars… (Friction Farm 2017) 3:23

Shawna Caspi “Numbers Game” Forest Fire (Shawna Caspi 2017) 3:27

Zoe & Cloyd “Fast Air” Eyes Brand New (Z&C 2017) 3:09

Mouths of Babes “Brighter in the Dark” Brighter in the Dark (Wild Awake 2017) 3:30

Davey O. “For Them” A Bright Horizon Line (H30 2017) 2:35

Ordinary Elephant “Another Day” Before I Go (Berkalin 2017) 4:55