The Sundilla Radio Hour #188

Take a journey through the best that singer-songwriters and acoustic musicians of all kinds have to offer through music and conversation. Our executive producer is Bailey Jones and the host is Kelly Walker. We welcome your comments at

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Monica Rizzio “Texarcana” Washashore Cowgirl (Monica Rizzio 2016) 4:44

Heather Pierson Acoustic Trio “Ain’t Gotten Around” Live from NERFA (Sundilla 2015) 4:07

Lorne Clarke “Shame” From My Window (Lorne Clarke 2015) 2:29

Elaine Romanelli “Afterward” The Hour Before (Elaine Romanelli 2015) 4:39

Austin MacRae “The Mill Song” Live on the Sundilla Radio Hour (Sundilla 2016) 3:59

Crowes Pasture “Pay to Play” Crowes Pasture (Crowes Pasture 2016) 3:18

Vincent Cross “As the Crow Flies” Old Songs for Modern Folk (Rescue Dog 2016) 3:02

Bethel Steele “Shadows & Light” Live from Fox Run Studio (Fox Run 2015) 4:01

Putnam Smith “Gotta Go Where the Love Is” 99 Desires (Putnam Smith 2016) 3:20

Avery Hill “Summer 1957” Live from NERFA (Sundilla 2015) 3:15

Dan Weber “Ain’t Done Rambling Yet” Live on the Sundilla Radio Hour (Sundilla 2016) 3:16

Ashley Storrow “Hold On” The Bear and the Bird (Ashley Storrow 2016) 3:24

James Lee Stanley “The Street Where Mercy Died” Alive at Last – (In Philadelphia?) (Beachwood 2016) 3:37

Kirsten Maxwell “Crimson” Crimson (Kirsten Maxwell 2015) 4:19