The Sundilla Radio Hour #182

Take a journey through the best that singer-songwriters and acoustic musicians of all kinds have to offer through music and conversation. Our executive producer is Bailey Jones and the host is Kelly Walker. We welcome your comments at

Red Tail Ring “Love of the City” Fall Away Blues (Earthwork 2016) 4:54

Anna Elizabeth Laube “Sunny Days” Tree (Anne Elizabeth Laube 2016) 2:17

Dan Weber “I’m Coming Home” What I’m Lookin’ For (Highway 142 2015) 2:58

Jonathan Byrd & Chris Kokesh “We Used to Be Birds” The Barns Birds (Waterbug 2012) 2:59

Anna Tivel “Look Away” Heroes Waking Up (Fluff and Gravy 2016) 3:15

James Lee Stanley “Worry About You” Alive at Last – (In Philadelphia?) (Beachwood 2016) 4:19

Vicky Harris “Hold On, Marie” August in December (Locust Street 2015) 2:15

Michael Howard “Gasoline Dream” Gasoline Dream (Michael Howard 2016) 3:49

Letters to Abigail “Angel in Ordinary Shoes” Letters to Abigail (Letters to Abigail 2016) 4:08

Erika Kulnys “Love Me in the Morning” Rise Up (Erika Kulnys 2016) 3:04

Judy Kass “Chili Pepper Nights” Beyond the Ash and Steel (Judy Kass 2016) 3:08

Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer “Happytown (All Right with Me)” Tanglewood Tree (Signature Sounds 2000) 3:35

Courtney Marie Andrews “Not the End” Honest Life (Mama Bird 2016) 2:37

Forest Sun “Magpie” Walk Through Walls (Painted Sun 2005) 3:43

Kaia Kater “White” Nine Pin (Kingswood 2016) 3:31