The Sundilla Radio Hour #176

Take a journey through the best that singer-songwriters and acoustic musicians of all kinds have to offer through music and conversation. Our executive producer is Bailey Jones and the host is Kelly Walker. We welcome your comments at

Bobtown “Short Life of Trouble” Bobtown (Bobtown 2010) 5:00

Anna Tivel “Dial Tone” Heroes Waking Up (Fluff and Gravy 2016) 2:30

Buddy Mondlock “The Kid” Fast Folk Musical Magazine (Vol. 6, No. 9) Lost in the Works (Smithsonian Folkways 1992) 5:28

Dave McGraw & Mandy Fer “Need a Mountain” Off-Grid Lo-Fi (Dave McGraw & Mandy Fer 2016) 3:38

Rebecca Loebe “Forever Young Forever” Vittles & Valentines (Rebecca Loebe 2016) 3:19

Matt Borrello “When You Lose a Friend” A Dollar & A Kiss (Matt Borrello 2015) 2:57

Beth Wood “Somebody to Find” Spring Tide (Beth Wood 2016) 4:15

John Gorka “Love is Our Cross to Bear” Before Beginning (Red House 2016) 4:16

Heather Styka “Sugarcoat” The Bittersweet Tapes (Heather Styka 2016) 2:52

Rachael Sage “Home” Choreographic (MPress 2016) 4:36

Matt Nakoa “Chokecherry Hill” Live from Fox Run Studio (Fox Run 2015) 4:26

Crowes Pasture “Louisiana Charm” Crowes Pasture (Crowes Pasture 2016) 3:33

Malcolm Holcombe “Leaving Anna” Another Black Hole (Gypsy Eyes 2016) 3:47