The Sundilla Radio Hour #175

Take a journey through the best that singer-songwriters and acoustic musicians of all kinds have to offer through music and conversation. Our executive producer is Bailey Jones and the host is Kelly Walker. We welcome your comments at

Kipyn Martin “8 Years” Undercover Muse (Kipyn Martin 2013) 4:17

The Belle Hollows “A Different Kind of Rain” Miller’s Creek (Elm Hill 2016) 3:56

Eddie from Ohio “Fly” This is Me (Virginia Soul 2004) 3:43

The Deer “Up into Roses” Tempest & Rapture (Owl Burn 2016) 3:51

John Flynn “If I Fall Behind” Mercy (John Flynn 2016) 3:38

Lindsay Lou & The Flatbellys “The River Jordan” Ionia (Earthwork 2014) 4:29

Greg Greenway “Can’t Get Out of My Own Way” 20,000 Versions of the Sun (Greg Greenway 2016) 2:47

Karen Savoca “Point Me Home” I Shook the Tree (Alcove 2016) 2:55

Ivas John “Things Ain’t Been the Same” Good Days a Comin’ (Right Side Up 2016) 3:43

Erika Kulnys “Keep Your Feet Moving” Rise Up (Erika Kulnys 2016) 3:46

Lara Herscovitch “The Bravest Thing” Misfit (La Rama 2016) 3:31

Ray Lambiase “The Moment” The Ballad of Three Finger Brown (Raytone 2016) 4:20

Coty Hogue “Heartbeats” Flight (Coty Hogue 2016) 5:54