The Sundilla Radio Hour #146

Take a journey through the best that singer-songwriters and acoustic musicians of all kinds have to offer through music and conversation. Our executive producer is Bailey Jones and the host is Kelly Walker. We welcome your comments at

No Fuss and Feathers “Dream” Traveling Circus (Roadshow 2015) 5:03

Kate Campbell “Some Song” The K.O.A. Tapes (Vol. 1) (Large River 2016) 2:57

Will Kimbrough “I Can Count on You” Sideshow Love (2014) 5:18

Kelley McRae “Stay Close to Me” Easy on My Mind (Kelley McRae 2015) 3:01

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Dori Freeman “You Say” Dori Freeman (Free Dirt 2016) 2:54

Teddy Thompson & Kelly Jones “I Thought That We Said Goodbye” Little Windows (Cooking Vinyl 2016) 2:39

Rj Cowdery “Wayfaring Strainger” Something Fine (Rj Cowdery 2015) 2:47

Low Lily “Adventurer” Low Lily 4:58

Sam Gleaves “Angel in the Ashes” Ain’t We Brothers (Sam Gleaves 2015) 4:36

Rachael Kilgour “Snowplow” Will You Marry Me? (Rachael Kilgour 2011) 5:00

Matt Nakoa “Barefoot Dancer” A Dozen Other Loves (Matt Nakoa 2014) 4:00

Kirsten Maxwell “I Have to Go (The Shower Song)” Crimson (Kirsten Maxwell 2015) 5:08

Jory Nash “Ain’t Coming Home” The Many Hats of Jory Nash (Jory Nash 2015) 2:41