The Sundilla Radio Hour #136

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Martyn Joseph “The Light of Guatemala” Sanctuary (Pipe Records 2015)

Neptune’s Car “By the Time it Gets Dark” The 45th Parallel (Neptune’s Car 2015) 3:19

John Fullbright “Going Home” Songs (Blue Dirt 2014) 3:37

Avery Hill “93 Lewis Street” Dreams & Ghosts: A Family Album (Avery Hill 2015) 4:36

Roy Schneider “Walk that Talk” Walls that Talk (Shiny Gnu 2012) 5:17

Katie Dahl “Lombardi Avenue” Ordinary Band (Waterbug 2015) 3:43

Mark Erelli “Birches” Millstown (Hillbilly Pilgrim 2014) 3:37

Elaine Romanelli “25” The Hour Before (Elaine Romanelli 2015) 2:50

Bill Morrissey “Moving Day” Something I Saw or Thought I Saw (Philo 2006) 2:11

Caitlin Canty “I Never” Reckless Skyline (Caitlin Canty 2015) 3:19

Dubl Handi “Half-Shaved” Morning in a New Machine (Dubl Handi 2015) 2:23

Chuck Pyle “Drifter’s Wind” Camel Rock (Bee ‘N’ Flower 1995) 5:29

Chuck Pyle “Colorado” Keepin’ Time by the River (Bee ‘N’ Flower 1998) 3:44