Our Favorite Music of 2015


Avery Hill Dreams & Ghosts: A Family Album (Avery Hill)
Avery’s debut album is a personal journey through her own family’s history told with the deft touch of a master storyteller. Be sure to check out her visit to The Sundilla Radio Hour. — Kelly Walker

Charlie Mosbrook A Time Long Gone (Charlie Mosbrook)
The lead track “Up Among the Stars” leaps right out and invites you to settle in for more. The rest of album makes it a welcome invitation indeed. — Kelly Walker

Neptune’s Car The 45th Parallel (Neptune’s Car)
The latest from a duo that has been together for 10 years, has released three great CDs in the last five, and who we are going to keep trying to make famous…not that they need our help. — Bailey Jones

Jefferson Ross Dogwood Cats (Jefferson Ross)
Southern music, but not country music. Yes, there can be a difference. — Bailey Jones
I had to resist the temptation to just play this album start to finish on The Sundilla Radio Hour. Every track is just wonderful. — Kelly Walker

Roy Schneider Ten from the Pen (Roy Schneider)
Roy Schneider just keeps making great music, and traveling around the country sharing it with appreciative audiences.

Kelly Bosworth Kelly Bosworth
(Kelly Bosworth) Kelly released her self-titled debut in 2014, but it arrived in our mailbox in early 2015. On first listen, I though “I need to get her on the radio show.” The interview that followed joined the album as one of the high points of our year.” — Kelly Walker

Clara Baker Temporary Things (Clara Baker)
What is in the water in Oregon? Whatever it is, they need to leave it there, as long as it keeps giving us the likes of Kelly Bosworth, Avery Hill and Clara Baker. — Bailey Jones

Matt Borrello A Dollar & A Kiss (Matt Borrello)
No one who enters Fox Run Studios exits without a great recording. — Bailey Jones

Chuck Brodsky Tell Tale Heart (Chuckbrodsky.com)
Chuck’s newest release is described as having a more Americana feel than his previous recordings, but if that’s something that scares you, don’t let it; this is still vintage Brodsky in every way. — Bailey Jones

Shawn Colvin Uncovered (Fantasy)
We don’t generally celebrate cover tunes, but this one is hard to ignore. Not just because it’s from Shawn Colvin, but because she doesn’t cover the songs you usually hear covered… and she definitley puts her own stamp on those songs. — Bailey Jones

Dave Crossland Mother Country (Dave Crossland)
The late John Stewart is one of the most overlooked and under-appreciated songwriters of the 20th century, but this CD is a good start to righting that wrong. — Kelly Walker

Katie Dahl Ordinary Band (Waterbug)

Guy Davis Kokomo Kid (M.C. Records)
The son of Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee has created his own career as a musician, author, teacher and actor. This CD is a marriage of blues and folk, and the influence of his friend and mentor Pete Seeger is impossible to miss. — Bailey Jones

Rachel Garlin “Accordion Song” Wink at July (Tactile)

Sam Gleaves Ain’t We Brothers (Sam Gleaves)
The sound is traditional enough to satisfy the most demanding purist, but the themes can be as topical and current as the headlines in today’s newspaper. — Bailey Jones

Harpeth Rising Shifted (Harpeth Rising)
Harpeth Rising just keeps getting better, but that’s supposed to happen when you’re that young. — Bailey Jones

The Honey Dewdrops Tangled Country (The Honey Dewdrops)

John Hulburt Opus III (Tompkins Square)
Not new; maybe “newly discovered” is a better description. This 1972 mostly instrumental masterpiece wasn’t heard by many when it first came out, but somehow I found myself saying “Where have I heard that one before?” over and over. — Bailey Jones

Martyn Joseph Sanctuary (Pipe)
The list of people I’d like to bring to Sundilla is long; it could be very short and Martyn Joseph would still be on it. He doesn’t play in the USA enough, and when he does it’s a can’t-miss concert. — Bailey Jones

Kaia Kater Sorrow Bound (Kingswood)

The Levins Trust (Summersongs Unlimited)

Sam Lewis Waiting on You (Brash)
Van Morrison has influenced countless musicians, but rarely do you hear that influence as strongly as you do in Sam Lewis’ second CD. — Bailey Jones

Lindsay Lou & The Flatbellys Ionia (Earthwork)

Low Lily Low Lily (Low Lily)

Kirsten Maxwell Crimson (Kirsten Maxwell)
Credit for Kirsten appearing on this list belongs to our good friend Joltin’ Joe Pszonek of Radio Nowhere. He presented Kirsten at the Suzi Wollenberg DJ Showcast at NERFA 2015 and now I can’t get enough of this album! — Kelly Walker

Jory Nash The Many Hats of Jory Nash (Jory Nash)
Jory Nash only had to release 8 CDs until we “discovered” him. Maybe if he would get out of Canada more often, it wouldn’t have taken so long. — Bailey Jones

Heather Pierson Acoustic Trio Still She Will Fly (Vessel)
I have exactly one complaint about this one. It’s an EP, so there’s just not enough of it! Their session on The Sundilla Radio Hour recorded at NERFA 2015 is highly recommended as well. — Kelly Walker

Elaine Romanelli The Hour Before (Elaine Romanelli)

Adam Michael Rothberg Soul of a Man (Adam Michael Rothberg)

Kevin So Countryside (Wingbone)
Kevin So has explored various genres in his career, and Countryside is an accurate description of his latest journey. It’s exactly what you would expect from a New York raised Chinese-American musician who has toured with the likes of Keb’ Mo’ but now lives in Nashville. — Bailey Jones

Bethel Steele Shadows & Light (Bethel Steele)

Michael Troy “Waiting for the Train” I Am American (Michael Troy 2015)
I had never heard of Michael Troy until this CD showed up in our mailbox. Not long after that, in late November of this year, he passed away. — Bailey Jones

April Verch The Newpart (Slab Town)

Dan Weber What I’m Lookin’ For (Highway 142)