SONiA | Thursday, May 16 | AUUF (Indigie Femme opens)

SONiA’s musical style ranges from folk, bluegrass and blues to pop-rock and rap-like rhythms. Perhaps in a past life, SONiA was one of the original troubadours, a poet-musician roaming Europe in the 13th century, singing songs of courtly love. She certainly is a contemporary troubadour, touring the globe and singing her songs.

SONiA’s concerts are lively, fun, entertaining and yes, even enlightening, but never dull or depressing. There is an exuberance and passion shining from SONiA that warms an audience with good nature and humanity. You’ll leave this show smiling, humming and tapping your toes; if you’re lucky, you’ll later realize that you learned a little something.

One music critic says “If there was a modern-day female contemporary of Bob Dylan, one would not need to look any further than SONiA to find her. The underrated singer-songwriter’s acoustic compositions are often as urgent in their impassioned earnestness as the most important work in Dylan’s canon…[SONiA] has finally come of age as one of today’s most socially relevant (and gifted) songwriters–on par with Dylan himself.” And The Rock and Roll Journal says ” SONiA’s “No Bomb Is Smart” masterpiece of an album is truly magical, it evokes the bravery and wisdom of John Lennon and the musical genius of Joni Mitchell-do not overlook this album, it’s better than any of the superficial, meaningless sounds out there on radio.”

SONiA is bringing along one of her favorite duos to open her show. Indigie Femme are one of the most ‘dynamic female indigenous duos’ to hit the music scene. Creative forces merge when the Northern and Southern Hemipheres come together through songs in stories. Tash Terry, born and raised on the Navajo Nation and Elena Higgins, born in New Zealand of the Maori and Samoan heritage are the powerful musical duo, Indigie Femme. A twist of world beats lavish the acoustic folk duo who tap into their indigenous roots. Their magical weavings and matrilineal cultures, magnified with their powerful voices, combines thought-provoking, uplifting traditional and original compositions.

SONiA and Indigie Femme will be appearing in concert on Thursday, May 16, as part of the Sundilla Acoustic Concert Series’ 20th year of bringing the world’s best music to Auburn. The concert will take place at the AUUF; showtime is 7:30, and admission is just $12 at the door. Advance tickets can be purchased for just $10 from The Gnu’s Room, Spicer’s Music, and online at