David Wilcox| Thursday, January 19, 2017 | 7:30 PM

David Wilcox will make his long-awaited Sundilla debut on Thursday, January 19, 2017; showtime at the AUUF on Thach Avenue is 7:30. Advance tickets are already sold out, but regular tickets are still available for $20 at Spicer’s Music, Blooming Colors, Music own Records, and online at www.sundillamusic.com. Justin Farren will open.

David Wilcox has been one of the premier singer-songwriters for a while now, and he was already considered one of the best when Sundilla started back in 1993. We’ve wanted to bring him here for a long time, but for many years it just wasn’t a realistic goal. And even now that we have achieved the kind of recognition it takes to attract a performer of David’s stature, it still wasn’t easy; there are only so many days in a year, and obviously David is in demand all over the country, all of the time. In fact, we have been working on this one for more than a year.

Those familiar with Wilcox already know what to expect; David Wilcox is definitely the most asked-about performer, if the question is “Have you ever had…” or “When are you going to get…?” And those who are unfamiliar are in for a treat. Performing Songwriter Magazine says “For David Wilcox, music is a personal compass for finding his way home. Lining it up with something deep inside, his words become image-filled poetry that dance to an internal rhythm. Challenging situations, elusive ideas, and long-suppressed feelings are directed into inspiring metaphors of hope. Coupled with a seamless melody, it is all delivered in the language of his heart.”

Wilcox is now 18 records into a career marked by personal revelation and wildly loyal fans. His lyrical insight is matched by a smooth baritone voice, virtuosic guitar chops, and creative open tunings, giving him a range and tenderness rare in folk music.

Wilcox released an independent album in 1987, was a winner of the prestigious Kerrville Folk Festival New Folk award in 1988, and by 1989 he had signed with A&M Records. His first release on the label, How Did You Find Me Here, sold over 100,000 copies the first year largely by word of mouth.

Considered a ‘songwriter’s songwriter’, his songs have been covered by artists such as k.d. lang and many others.  In addition to his writing prowess, his skills as a performer and storyteller are unmatched.  He holds audiences rapt with nothing more than a single guitar, thoroughly written songs, a fearless ability to mine the depths of human emotions of joy, sorrow and everything in between, and all tempered by a quick and wry wit.

Reflecting on well over 20 years of record-making and touring extensively around the US and world, Wilcox says, “Music still stretches out before me like the head-lights of a car into the night.  It’s way beyond where I am, but it shows where I’m going.  I used to think that my goal was to catch up, but now I’m grateful that the music is always going to be way out in front to inspire me.”

David Wilcox will be the first performer on the 2017 Sundilla Concert Series schedule; the show will take place at the AUUF on Thursday, January 19, at 7:30. Justin Farren, 2016 Kerrville New Folk Award winner, will open. Admission is $20, and tickets are available at Spicer’s Music, The Market at Blooming Colors, Music Town Records, and online at www.sundillamusic.com. Free coffee, tea, water and food will be available, and attendees are welcome to bring whatever food or beverage they prefer. For more information, go to www.sundillamusic.com.