Dave Potts Live at Sundilla CD

Long time fans of Sundilla know that one of our best friends is Dave Potts. When Dave Potts plays Sundilla, it’s always guaranteed to be a big deal and an even bigger crowd.

In 2011, Dave approached us about taking advantage of our wonderful performance space and great audiences to record a live CD of some of his new songs and old favorites. We jumped at the chance.

On April 3 was the official release date for Dave Potts Live at Sundilla. With Dave’s great music, original photography by Kathryn Olsen and liner notes by our own Bailey Jones, its release made everybody at Sundilla real proud.

Locally, our friends at The Gnu’s Room have copies for sale. If you’re out of town, you can buy a copy of the CD online through CD Baby. If you want to be really 21st Century, it’s also available on iTunes!

From the CD liner notes:

“On July 29, 2011, Dave Potts took the stage in the tiny church that is the home of the Sundilla Acoustic Concert Series. There were 112 people in attendance, and that meant the room was packed. The sultry Alabama night– and the collective body heat– were more than a match for the air conditioner. But few in the audience noticed, and anyone who noticed didn’t care. Dave played and sang for two hours, and the intimacy of the room deepened the experience for everyone lucky enough to be there.

Places like Sundilla offer a vibe that larger venues cannot, and Dave and the audience took advantage of this and connected in ways that would be impossible in a larger space. The connection was deepened between sets and after the show, when the performer mingled with the audience, shaking hands, autographing CDs, and sharing jokes.

Nights like this aren’t unique to Sundilla. Across the country, in cities as large as New York and even smaller than Auburn, AL, there are similar small listening rooms offering fantastic music, and even better musical experiences. The trick is finding them; falling in love with the experience will take care of itself.” — Bailey Jones, Sundilla Acoustic Concert Series