Our unofficial motto is “we’re a great place on the way somewhere else,” which means we may not be your anchor gig in the Southeast, but we could very well be a great fill-in venue as you travel through the area. Or maybe we could be your anchor gig! Either way, you can see by our list of past performers that we have presented some of the top musicians in the field; we’re proud to say that our standards are high!

We try to book about six months in advance, and usually fail miserably. Six to 12 months in advance is more realistic. We do just 12 shows per year, so there is a lot of interest in a very few slots. Our plan from 2014 until we change our minds again is to do ONE show per month, except for December, when we will NOT do a show. (That leaves us ONE month when we will do two concerts. Exactly what month that will be  will always be flexible.) Fridays work best for us, though we can usually get the venue for other nights. But we NEVER do Saturday shows in the Fall! College football is a religion in this part of the world; if we tried to compete with football, we would lose. Every time. No exceptions.

NEW INFO: As of January 2012, we’re going to be doing things a little differently from now on, and we’re glad to say that it will work in the performer’s favor! Our new “usual deal” is: the performer gets 100% of the door money (and 100% of the merchandise sales, as always.) We still offer in-home housing for those who want it, but if you prefer a hotel, you must pay for it. And even if you choose the hotel route, we’ll still offer dinner on the day of the show.

Having said all of that, keep in mind that nothing is written in stone, and rules are made to be broken. :-)

For booking information, contact Bailey Jones at (EMAIL is by far the quickest, easiest and most reliable way to contact us!) or 334-741-7169 (though, again, your chances of getting a timely reply increase a thousandfold if you EMAIL instead of telephone), or drop promotional material and sound samples to us at
P.O. Box 3367,
Auburn, AL  36831

A few things it might be helpful to know:

There are many music styles we present, and many we do not. Every musical style is worthy of being heard somewhere, but for many of them that place is NOT Sundilla. It’s no reflection on you, it’s just not what we do. So no offense to heavy metal groups, rappers, hip hop artists, DJs, EDM bands, but we’re not for you.

And, while we’re in a college town, we don’t draw a college crowd. It’s not that we don’t want to, but we can’t seem to draw students to come to a Sundilla concert. (Yes, they are missing out, but it’s their choice; we can’t even pay them to come.) So if your appeal is strongest among college students, you’re looking in the right city but at the wrong venue.

We know that there are many great musicians who call this area home, and who are perfectly qualified to be booked at Sundilla. But there has always been a strong local music scene, and local musicians have plenty of opportunities to play in Auburn, and their fans have numerous opportunities to see them perform. At Sundilla we strive to bring in the best musicians from other cities, states and countries, musicians who, if not for Sundilla, would rarely if ever play within 100 miles of Auburn. “If you want to see them in Auburn, you’ll have to see them at Sundilla” isn’t all we are about, but it is one of our goals.

That being said, we consider ourselves strong supporters of the local music scene, and local musicians. We love telling people about great shows in the area, as long as they don’t conflict with one of our concerts. We tend to be especially supportive of performers and venues that are supportive of us; that’s just human nature.

We do 12 to 13 shows per year, and try to keep our calendar up to date. Some months we’ll do more than one concert, but there are months we won’t do any (December is one of those months.) So if you’re looking for a date in February and notice that we already have two shows scheduled for February, the chances of getting booked that much are pretty much zero. Again, no offense; somebody just beat you to it. Please keep trying!

PLEASE READ THIS!!!!>>>> NOTE: Though our shows are held at the Auburn Unitarian Universalist Fellowship Hall, their phone number is NOT— I repeat, NOT— the contact number for Sundilla! The above number, 334-741-7169, IS the correct number. If you use the AUUF number as the contact number, callers will be connected to a phone that isn’t at the venue, and will talk to someone who is not connected with Sundilla and probably can’t help at all. The same applies to the mailing address for Sundilla. Our mailing address is P.O. Box 3367, Auburn, AL  36831. If you send anything to the venue address, the chances are good that we will never see it.