Acoustic Tuesdays featuring Roy Schneider | March 19 | The Gnu’s Room

RoySchneiderEvery third Tuesday, the Acoustic Tuesdays concert at The Gnu’s Room is booked by Sundilla. We use this opportunity to present performers who deserve to play at Sundilla, but just haven’t had the chance yet, for whatever reason. No one fits this description better than Roy Schneider.

Roy Schneider is a joyful player of most things stringed; Blues Matters! magazine describes his music as “A beguiling and tasty stew of blues, country, folk, and Americana.” Schneider has twice been a finalist in the Kerrville Folk Festival’s Grassy Hill New Folk Competition as well as numerous other national competitions. “Walls that Talk,” Roy’s September 2012 CD release, debuted at #3 on the American Folk DJ charts.

Maverick Magazine says “While the world is littered with people toting acoustic guitars and second-hand Hallmark card verses masquerading as insights, Schneider is a cut above the hordes… Sometimes he sounds like he’s auditioning for Little Feat (he’d get in, too), sometimes he’s light and jazzy and sometimes he’s a proper acoustic rocker. All the time he’s interesting, with the changes of pace keeping the listener on their toes, not least in wondering how he manages to be good at it all.”

And we say “Don’t be fooled because this concert isn’t at the friendly confines of the AUUF. Come on out to The Gnu’s Room, and here some great music from Roy Schneider. You’ll be glad you did… and you’ll be asking ‘Now why hasn’t he played at Sundilla yet?’ It’s a good question…”