Acoustic Tuesdays at The Gnu’s Room

For several years, our friends at The Gnu’s Room have been presenting live music. Quite often, the artists they have had are people we would have booked at Sundilla, had the circumstances and the calendar been more favorable. Starting in 2013, there will be live music at The Gnu’s Room most every Tuesday, and on the third Tuesday of every month, the concert will be booked by Sundilla. Just like with our shows at the AUUF, we’ll be striving to bring the best of the best; these are concerts you will WANT to attend! The venue is a bit smaller, and the prices will be smaller too, but the quality will be as good as that you have come to expect. We’ll be treating these concerts the same as we do those at the AUUF because…well, because there is no reason not to.
We urge you to check the schedule at to see who is playing every Tuesday; we can tell you that the Sundilla-scheduled concerts (so far) are:

Tuesday, April 16 Naked Blue